How long should your pool pump and heater run each day?


Let’s start with the pump first:

The pool pump needs to run long enough each day to filter all of the water in the pool at least once. Twice is better. Three times or more is wasting electricity. Some people will debate these numbers, but they are a good rule of thumb and an excellent place to start.

So, first calculate the number of gallons of water in your pool (G). Next, find out the flow rate of your pool pump in gallons per minute (F). Last, divide the gallons, G, by the flow rate, F, to get the number of minutes you need to run the filter to turn (filter) all of the water once.

For example, if I have a 5000 gal pool and a pump rated at 25 gallons per minute, it will take 200 minutes (or about 3 hrs and 20 min) to filter all of the water once. Multiply the time by 2 if you want to turn the water over twice (6 hrs, 40 min).

Next the heater;



You can spend a lot of time trying to calculate the time required to maintain a certain desired temp each day, but the number of variables (desired water temp, min and max air temp, cloud cover, wind, geographic location, time of year, etc…) make it very difficult.

I would suggest that you start with the heater on for an hour per day and then add an hour each day until the water temp reaches the desired temp. Then, you might have to adjust slightly backward (subtract 30 min) to keep it at that temp daily.

Hope this helps …


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