My pool pump isn’t working. It runs, but it’s not sucking in water. Any ideas about what’s wrong?

I have an in-ground pool and the pump system is above ground. For a day now, it has not been sucking in water, it runs, but isn’t doing its job and I have no idea what’s wrong and I don’t want to start taking things apart without knowing what I’m doing. Should I call a specialist or could this be an issue that can be resolved by hand?

First, be sure the water is about half way up the skimmers when the pool is off. Make sure the skimmer baskets are not clogged with leaves and debris. There should be a basket attached to the pump with a cover over it. With the equipment off, remove the cover and make sure that basket is clean as well. Then take a garden hose or buckets of water and fill the skimmer until water comes to the top. Quickly replace the cover, being sure the gasket is in place. Turn on the pump and see if it now sucks water through the system. If not you either have a blocked pipe or you have a leak somewhere. At this point, you may have to call a pro if you can’t find the leak, etc.

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